Local projects

What does Fisios Mundi's local volunteering consist of?


Arrels Fundació

We weekly collaborate in a home managed by Arrels Fundació, for people with a really hard social reality and baggage marked by poverty and severe situations of social exclusion. Our volunteers carry out a group intervention to promote healthy habits in the users of the home and to provide health education in general.


Social housing Almeda, Cornellà - Caritas 

These social housing units consist of 19 flats for people with a situation of social exclusion and few economic resources who need accompaniment or supervision to be able to carry out activities of their daily life. From Fisios Mundi we carry out weekly individual therapies and dynamics groups of therapeutic exercise for the residents.


Tots som Santboians

It is an association that has been established for 30 years, dedicated to the leisure and free time sector. Its objective is that people with functional diversity in Sant Boi have and know how to maintain their autonomy. They do activities from Monday to Saturday. Among them are theater, dance, informatics, bingo, cognitive activities, cinema, and hippotherapy. The latter takes place one Sunday a month in the agricultural area of Sant Boi and it is in this activity where we do the combined work.



We will collaborate together to advance the inclusive surfing and paddle surfing activities that are organized on weekends. They are also trying to create a pilot study to see what impact these activities have at a rehabilitative level.

In addition, thanks to a grant from the Association of Physiotherapists of Catalonia (CFC), a hybrid chair has been purchased and an adapted WC is being built to eliminate architectural barriers.


Cruz Roja / Red Cross

We work together with this well-known entity by holding health promotion talks aimed at vulnerable people who are excluded from many social benefits and services, with ages between 20-55 years and many social problems.


Project currently stopped.


Fundación Acollida and Esperança - Can Banús 

The Can Banús Reception Center is a residential home for people affected by HIV and who suffer from social exclusion. It is managed by the Fundación Acollida and Esperança, located in Badalona, which started operating in 1996 and has a capacity for 27 people. From Fisios Mundi we do dynamics groups of therapeutic exercise for the residents once a week.


Project currently stopped.





Can Banús
Can Banús 2
New psychomotricity material in Kathmandu

New psychomotricity material in Kathmandu

Sonia, from Kathmandu, tells us that they have created material for psychomotor skills and how well it is working for them: "We are very happy with our new material! Finally finished and we are already using it with the boys who are having a great time!!!" 🧩🎳🎉

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Nepal Tracking

Nepal Tracking

Today we had the second follow-up meeting with the volunteers who are in Nepal. Sonia and Loli are doing a great job every day, even if they face complicated challenges. Thank you so much girls! 😋

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