International projects

What does Fisios Mundi's international volunteering consist of?

   Fisios Mundi carries out training, predominantly in physiotherapy, which aims to improve the quality of life of children with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders and multi-pathologies. For this purpose, they also use technical aids such as positioning splints, mini-standings, etc... that improve their motor skills, facilitate their autonomy, and improve their posture during meals.  However, not everything is focused on pediatric physiotherapy, other specialties are also necessary for certain projects/countries. 

   This NGO supports the model of development cooperation based on education, for this reason, it does not focus on physiotherapy but prefers to train local staff. As the old proverb says "Give him a fish and he will eat one day, teach him to fish and he will always eat". Fisios Mundi's goal is to provide the necessary knowledge in physiotherapy so that in the future they will not be needed. 

  Finally, Fisios Mundi believes that international volunteering is an opportunity to share knowledge with each other. This association wants to break the stigma and the misconception of the "white person who will solve the problems of the poor person of color". Volunteers also learn from each project through the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and ways of doing, working, and living.

What projects are we currently developing?


Project India (FVF)

This is our oldest project. Since 1997 we offer training to local physiotherapists and qualified staff of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. Our current field of action is mainly functional diversity, especially Infantile Cerebral Palsy or related pathologies. Each year we select specialized volunteers and together with the referent person and the coordinators of Fisios Mundi projects and the coordinator in India, we plan the training to be carried out.


Vietnam Project (IPI- COOP)

This project began in 2015, when three orphanages were visited and a great need was detected to train local workers of these centers to provide basic tools to improve the care of ls@ children who live there and properly care for l@s who suffer from any pathology or functional diversity. Currently, IPI COOP has a local worker who is in charge of coordinating and supervising these centers and a local Therapist who works in the orphanage of Rach Già daily since 2017 to improve the quality of life of the children living there. Every year, a specialized team travels to the field to provide ongoing training to the local therapist and other orphanage workers. 


Ivory Coast (IPI-COOP)

Intervention in the Dabou orphanage to specifically train physiotherapists and educators working there with 97 children of different ages and functional diversities. The training aims to involve all the professionals of the center (physiotherapists, educators, caregivers, nurses, and technical team) in the treatment and promotion of the children's autonomy. To this end, professionals from the 4 orphanages that work with IPI-COOP will attend the training. Fisios Mundi participates with the contribution of volunteer physiotherapists and occupational therapists, in addition to the orthopedist who has sent the orthopedic material. Practical training is also provided to all staff so that the activities they carry out have a therapeutic focus. When possible, orthopedic material is sent to be distributed among 4 orphanages, and advice is given on its use.

The project, as in Vietnam, arises from the need to improve the quality of life of children in orphanages in the countries where the IPI-COOP foundation adopts.


Project Nepal (Família d'Hetauda)

This is a newly incorporated project. The objective is to conduct a training intervention for local physiotherapists working in a school of functional diversity in Hetauda, and in an occupational workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. We train from scratch to new professionals and annual continuing education for specialization and updating. The project is expanding and we are looking for volunteers to replicate the model in two new schools in two more regions of the country. 



Sending a container of Physiotherapy materials to the Arch Foundation thanks to a grant from the College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia (CFC).


Greece Project (NGO Aire)

Women's health training project for refugees at the ELNA Maternity Center in Athens, Greece.


Project Lebanon (PCRF)

Recently, we made a first observation and needs detection trip and a group of volunteers has been created to be able to travel periodically and train local health personnel or physiotherapists who are working in health centers and attend to many people with functional diversity and do not have the necessary resources to do so.

Currently stopped due to local conflicts.


International projects