Directors Board


We are 4 women from all over the world, with very different lives, but we have in common the desire and commitment to bring physiotherapy to all those who do not have access. We work honestly and responsibly to guarantee the coherence, sustainability, and transparency of our projects.


Meritxell Sacasas

Bookkeeper (or accountant)

"I am a physiotherapist, personal trainer, fitness monitor, nutritional advisor, and editor of health and physical activity articles. After completing a master's degree in Sports Business Management, I decided to volunteer at Fisios Mundi and contribute my management knowledge to the cause. I have been dealing with administrative tasks, treasury, fundraising, and external communication of the association since 2013. The universal right to health, the fight against inequalities, and social reporting are my main motivations to join the Fisios Mundi."


Goretti España


"I'm Goretti, physiotherapist, pre-doctoral researcher, and volunteer at Fisios Mundi. In 2016 I had the great fortune of being selected to travel to India as a volunteer and from that enriching experience, I was clear that I wanted to collaborate in everything possible to keep this organization and the projects that are generated in full operation. Since then I have been able to work as a field volunteer in several countries, I am the coordinator of international and local projects, I do internal management work and, currently, I am also a member of the board of directors of Fisios Mundi."


Itsaso Olasagasti


"I am Itsaso Olasagasti and I am currently part of the board of Fisios Mundi as vice president. I started as a volunteer in India in 2015 and since then, I have been able to participate as a field volunteer in several international and local projects, which is what I like most about my collaboration with this small entity. Now, I have the opportunity to coordinate some international projects and at the level of internal administrative management, I am in charge of email management and the first contact with interested people. I am very happy to be part of this little family.”


Maria Boix


"I am a physiotherapist and a nurse. I combine the two worlds that fascinate me: on the one hand, I am always linked to physiotherapy through development cooperation projects, and on the other hand I continue with my daily work as a mental health nurse in an acute care unit. I have been collaborating in different ways with Fisios Mundi for eight years, and I have been a member of the board of directors for three years. I consider myself a committed person, and my objective is to fight for the universal right to health.”


Directors Board

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